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Happy Sunday everyone! Its been awhile since i updated the website and I guess its high time I need to make some clarifications. I HEART BADGES has no affiliations with the other badge seller at the Curve Street Market. Strange you may ask as their stuff is pretty much the same as ours but do let me explain.

They go by the name Badge Cubes or Cutie Cats and they are shameless copycats run by this person by the name of Kelven Choy.

Back in Feb 2012, when we first started out at the Curve, they were already a long time vendor there selling Fortune Cat figurines. Soon after, they started selling charm bracelets too (copying Vintage 1988 and AKOE). Then as of June 2012, my nightmare came true. They completely cloned my entire shop. From the designs, to displays, to packaging and they even stole my tagline.

Of course everyone soon got confused. Many asked why i started a new shop. I didnt... That talentless asshole Kelven ripped me off. Using all my designs and marketing tools for his benefit.

He even stalks the FB page so he can copy new designs or find out what other bazaars i go to. Hence if anyone noticed, I dont post up neither nowadays. So what does this parasite do? He sends his goons over to my stall to peep at all the badges, hoping to catch new designs to copy. Look, if you have zero ideas in your pea brain then go do something to suit your IQ. Dont copy other people's work.

We at I HEART BADGES urge everyone out there to not support this shameless being. We're not saying you cant sell badges but for goodness sake, come up with your own shit!



Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott was at our booth last Sunday at the Curve Street Market! Dont remember which badge she bought though...

Le Happenings...

Excited gila max!!!

Yup yup yup! We just love being apart of The Markets. This time around, we're at spot no. 67. Come say hello =)

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