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Christmas Cracker Kits and Gifts

Christmas is a time for friends and family to come together, to eat, to drink and be merry. After a visit from Father Christmas the attention turns to Christmas Day dinner. The hours of preparation that go into that one meal – crossing the Brussels sprouts, peeling what feels like a hundred potatoes and roasting the turkey (or nut roast) until it’s golden. Laying the table with the finest dinnerware, three types of glasses and every piece of cutlery you could find. It’s the one time of the year you dig out the napkin rings.

The table is perfect! Almost.

There’s just one thing letting it down, and that’s the terrible terrible Christmas crackers…

You can fix this! With DIY Christmas cracker kits you can bring the cheer back. Fillable Christmas cracker kits mean you can decorate your own crackers and add your own cracker gifts. Adding your own gifts means you can be much more imaginative with your Christmas crackers vs shop-bought crackers – and what better gifts to add than pins!

Pin badges are the ideal size for fillable Christmas crackers – with so many to choose from you could personalise for your guests or leave it all to chance.

Christmas cracker kits from iheartbadges each contain 6 recycled kraft boards, 6 tissue hats, 6 snaps, 6 jokes & natural jute twine. Just add pins!

Or shop the pre-selected bundles for 10% off – Christmas cracker cocktail pin bundleChristmas cracker inspiration pin bundleChristmas cracker Christmas pin bundle.

Christmas Cracker Kits and Gift Bundles