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Travel badges – it’s an addiction

On a family holiday, when I was around 10, I remember buying a ladybird pin badge from a street stall in France and the lady asking me if I would like a little ‘basket’ to put it in. I nodded excitedly, not knowing she really meant a paper bag. Don’t get me wrong, it was a very pretty paper bag but not the basket a 10-year-old me was expecting. The ladybird glowed in the dark so it lived on my bedside lamp. It seemed to come alive when the lights went out.

And that was the start.

Now every time I go travelling I buy a pin badge. Searching the local gift shops for the perfect pin is what makes it a holiday.

My collection of travel badges is a very touristy collection – sights I’ve seen, towers I’ve climbed, towns I’ve visited. And when I can’t find a tourist attraction gift shop the country flag will tend to be my backup pin badge find. For me, a gift shop is a magnificent experience. While most want to skip this part of the attraction I love the excuse to buy myself a little pin badge gift

Pin badges make great gifts, whether to yourself or to a friend/relative/colleague. Small enough to be a spare of the moment purchase yet thoughtful enough to show you care.

A few of my favourite finds – which probably coincide with a few of my favourite holiday moments. (These badges are from my personal collection and unfortunately not for sale – sorry!)

World's Tallest Thermometer Pin Badge
Cape St George Lighthouse Pin Badge
Machu Picchu Pin Badge

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