We need to talk about your flair

As the world slowly tries to re-emerge from behind closed doors the prospect of social interaction looms.

I’ve spent the last 14 months in a safe space with my nearest and dearest. The fear is real – will I remember how to make conversation? Will I remember how to interact with strangers? Will I remember how to be me around people in the outside world?

A recent ONS study shows just how much our social lives were impacted by local and national lockdowns over that time.

I take solace in knowing we’re all going through this together – yet at the same time, I know some will fly in their social circles while others, like me, will take much smaller steps.

Just like Stan from Office Space, flair, or more specifically badge flair, will be my weapon of choice this summer. From showing my individuality to picking out like-minded people in a crowded room to being a conversation starter.

By wearing my heart on my sleeve – or a selection of pin badges on my jacket, bag, shirt – I’m rather subtly providing conversation topics!

My current badges of choice are a Polaroid SX-70 camera pin badge – which tells people I like photography and vintage, a rosé wine pin badge – which makes ordering drinks at a noisy bar a lot easier, and a Stay Weird pin badge – which really speaks for itself.

i heart badges sell a wide collection of pin badges from independent pin badge designers, so you can find your individual flair.